Club Rules

Dear BADTC Handlers

I would like to officially welcome all our members to the club and we hope that your stay with the club is for many years to come.

As a benefit of being a member of BADTC you are allowed to make use of the club grounds, outside of training times to run your dogs.

The combination for the lock on the gate will be sent via email when registration process has been completed. Only club members are permitted to use our grounds and we ask that you do not give out the combination to anyone else.

For your own safety and the protection of our premises, ensure that the gate and lock are properly locked when leaving the grounds.

Just some rules that we feel are important and sometimes we forget them :

a) During training sessions dogs must be on lead at all times, unless instructed otherwise by a trainer.

b) When entering the grounds please drive slowly, even if you are late. Do not park down the pan handle facing the fence and the road. Park down the pan handle facing the complex wall.

c) Please do not park in the first row facing the club house. This area is reserved for our Trainers and Committee members.

d) Please keep our grounds clean, pleasant and hygienic by picking up after your dog.

For information and a request :

You might have noticed that a number of dogs have an ORANGE BANDANA/RIBBON around their neck or attached to their leads:

– this is recognition by the owners that their dog is nervous of strangers and other dogs and is a request that you and your dog do not directly approach.

Please be considerate as these dogs and handlers may respond aggressively if surprised.

It must be stressed however that you should at all times be aware of your dog and other dogs around you and only bring your dog into close contact with other dogs after you have determined that it is safe to do so

– even the most placid handler and dog can react badly if surprised.

Therefore should you be concerned that your dog is either aggressive or easily intimidated please purchase an ORANGE BANDANA/RIBBON from the kiosk and display it prominently – just for peace of mind.

We would like to remind you that our club prides itself on being a home away from home, a place where you can let your hair down and interact with like minded doggy people.

If there is anything that we can do to make our club and your presence at our club more enjoyable please bring it to the attention of a Trainer, Committee Member, our Chief Trainer or myself.

Yours in Training

Birch Acres Dog Training Club