News, Details & Dates:

Whilst we are not 100% sure what might happen after the 15th January, (President’s address to the nation) we remain optimistic that we will be able to proceed with training on the 23rd January, but the term will be reduced to 10 weeks. In the interim, we are progressing with registration, but no payment is required until we are sure whether we will be able to commence.

BADTC Registration process:

If you still want to register your dog for training, kindly complete our new online registration form (one for each individual dog) by clicking this link

After you have submitted the registration form, Please forward your dog’s vaccination certificate (both the front page showing your dog’s name and the page showing the vaccinations, stickers, and vet’s signature) via e-mail to

Dogs must have been vaccinated with the 5-in-1 and rabies within the previous 12-month period except for puppies under 4 months old (rabies is only administered at 16 weeks)

Registration is based on a first come first serve basis. Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee the time you request but will try our best to accommodate you.

Dogs older than 8 weeks but younger than 5 months, register in Puppy class

New dogs older than 5 months, register in Bridging 1

If you completed Puppies or Bridging 1, you need to register in Bridging 2

If you completed Bridging 2 you need to register in Beginners

If you passed Beginners, you need to register in Rally Fun

If you passed Rally Fun, you need to register in Rally Intermediate

If you passed Rally Intermediate, you need to register in Rally Advance

We still have C and D Class available this term

We are also introducing a Formal Obedience Class, for handlers who wish to compete in KUSA obedience competitions.

Other activities offered this term:

Carting (Saturday afternoons)

Flyball – Beginners (Saturday afternoons)

Flyball – Team Training (Monday evenings)

Companion Dog (Wednesday evenings);

Dog jumping (Thursday evenings)

Tracking (Saturday mornings or as agreed with the trainers)

Fees (per dog) remain at R280 for the primary class and R100 for every additional activity.

Country membership is R500 per annum for any single household, irrespective of the number of dogs.

We will request payment during the week of 17 January if we are able to commence with training on the 23rd January.