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Dear BADTC Members,

There are exciting changes on the go with training at BADTC and we would like to share these with you.

The first change is a move from a three-term to a four-term year

– our term will now consist of eight weeks of training, the assessment and prize giving.

Training fees will reduce to R220 per term for primary classes and R80 for every secondary class thereafter.

Country membership remains unchanged at R500 per annum.

But the most interesting change will take place in our syllabus.

For some time now we have been challenged by the drop off in our classes that we believe is a desire from our handlers to move away from “strict” obedience to more fun-focused training.

Starting from the first term of 2020 we will phase in a training form that we are currently calling “Rally BADtc” – this is a form of training based on “Rally-O” (Rally Obedience) and “Rally Free” (Rally Freestyle) which is becoming very popular worldwide. 

We will phase this new training in starting with our Novice class in the first term of 2020 and roll it out further in subsequent terms. Class names will also change in line with the new syllabus rollout.

There is no shortage of information available on “Rally-O” and “Rally-Free” and we encourage you to do some research.

To whet your appetite we include a few links to start your adventure.

We hope and trust that you are keen to embark on these changes with us at BADTC and look forward to your comments and feedback but most importantly your participation.

Just to allay any concern – all existing extra activities, Agility, Flyball, CD and the like will continue as before and we will continue to cater for our members who participate in and are interested in formal obedience training.

Look out for more information as it becomes available.

Best Regards

BADTC Chairman: Deon Gerber                   

BADTC Chief Trainer: Regan Bosch