Club Rules


Any member, as described in the constitution, entering the Club grounds for the purpose of exercising their dog/s, does so at their own risk. However, if there is a class in progress outside of the normal Saturday training sessions, then the trainer(s) taking the class(es) have priority, whether they be club trainers or private trainers granted permission to utilize the grounds for training purposes. ALL MEMBERS shall then only use the fenced-off area in the panhandle to exercise their dogs and under the strictest control.

Registered members (including country members) may use the grounds at any time during non-training sessions to walk or exercise dogs. Dogs must be under control at ALL times. Handlers must accompany their dogs and limit exercise times to allow other members to utilize the facilities as well.

During training sessions, dogs must be on a lead unless instructed by a trainer. During non-training times when there is more than one member using the grounds, dogs MUST be on a lead unless the handlers have a mutual agreement to run the dogs together. Make sure there are no other dogs on the field before your dogs are allowed to run free. Be considerate time-wise and place dogs on lead should someone else enter the grounds.

Please do not litter – including cigarette ends!   Use the relevant recycling bins appropriately (Cans, Glass, Paper, and Other).

Floodlights may only be turned on if it is official training night and only as directed by the trainer/s.

The PUPPY ENCLOSURE is out of bounds for any dog not in puppy class. It may not be used as a holding pen or free-running area.

SCOOP THE POOP: Please pick up after your dog. There are poop-scoops available for this purpose at most rubbish bins and also behind the clubhouse next to the puppy enclosure. Handlers found guilty of not cleaning up may be fined.

PARKING: Please do not park in front of the entrance to the panhandle or next to the puppy enclosure. You may park alongside the poles nearest to the clubhouse, alongside the wall of the townhouses, or form a middle row. Parking in the panhandle may only be on the left as you enter the panhandle closest to the townhouses. No parking on the P91 side as this area is used for training. No parking is allowed on the training field.


No spectators and/or children (unless supervised by an adult) are allowed within the training area for safety reasons. Please remain in the demarcated area in front of the clubhouse.

Do not practice or allow dogs on any agility equipment without the supervision of a qualified agility trainer. Your dog could injure itself badly. Rather join the agility training class!

The main training area (between the four floodlights) is a FOOD-FREE training area. Please refrain from using food in this area. You may reward your dog with food, but please be careful not to drop any food. Your trainer will explain the correct method.

During the summer months, it can become very hot. Bring a water bowl and freshwater from home if your dog does not drink from the communal water bowls.

Bitches in season are not allowed to attend training. Special arrangements will be made for assessments.


SAFETY is crucial.

Please lock the gate once you are inside the grounds and ensure it is locked when you leave.

Tumble the dials to the correct combination and press the shackle and body towards each other. Pull the shackle and the lock will open. Immediately scramble the combination and lock the gate. (If wont lock if the combination is not changed). Please do not disclose the combination to anybody, even if they say they are a member. Refer them to the trainers or committee to verify if they can have the code.